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Page updated 24.9.2015
Vaahteran lehtiä

Thriving cooperation with companies

The cooperation between TUAS and local companies has always gone with a swing. We have top-class students and receive thanks for work done in and for companies.

As a thank-you for the cooperation, the Federation of Finnish Industries in Southwest Finland has decided to hand out an award titled “Yrittäjyyden uudistaja” (“Reformer of Entrepreneurship") in spring 2016.

Many entrepreneurs in Southwest Finland know TUAS through its students. Practical trainees and thesis writers have been received by companies for years, because we have a good reputation.

Thanks to module studies, students can nowadays complete an even bigger part of their studies as project studies for companies.

The students learn about business activities in practice and the companies get fresh enthusiasm and modern competence. Thus the cooperation is mutually rewarding, and especially the BusinessAcademy students have benefited from functioning contacts.

“The cooperation is now more vivid than ever before”, says Rector and President Vesa Taatila, who is happy with the situation.

Reformers of entrepreneurship are needed

The activities of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Southwest Finland are very versatile: it organises, for example, different occasions and training events. A competition titled “Reformer of Entrepreneurship” will now be launched under the management of Managing Director Henri Wibom.

"Reformers of entrepreneurship are constantly needed, because business life reflects the quick change of our time”, Wibom says.

More information on the competition is available in TUAS’ intranet Messi, and you can submit your suggestions until 30 April 2016.

The award criteria include, for example:
- We are looking for an active visionary for whom the world is an opportunity.
- We value ideas, goal-orientation, risk-taking and the courage to make decisions and profit. Some creative madness might help, too.

The reformer of entrepreneurship award will be given next spring and you can already submit your suggestions on a person/group to: johanna.vainio@yrittajat.fi