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Page updated 3.10.2015

Applied research and Innopeda® interest Brazilians

Last Thursday 45 Brazilian rectors got to know the operations of Turku University of Applied Sciences. The rectors’ visit was a part of the CONIF network’s (The National Council for the Federal Network of Vocational, Scientific, and Technological Education Institutions) trip to Finland.

The traditional CONIF network represents over 40 educational organisations in Brazil, and the number of students in the member institutes exceeds a million.

The network selected Finnish universities of applied sciences as a specific target for their visit. In Brazil, the challenges lie in developing remote areas and in this, applied research plays a significant part. The participants also got to know the Finnish way of cooperating with working life.

At TUAS, the rectors got to know for example the learning environments used in the teaching of technology and business, the Innopeda® learning method and water expertise.

In addition to Turku, the rectors’ trip to Finland included visits to universities of applied sciences in Helsinki, Tampere and Hämeenlinna.

Learning from other students

Innovation pedagogy gave Brazilian Lucas Beck a push to come as an exchange student specifically at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

During the month spent at Turku, Lucas has noticed that Innopeda® is visible, for example, in the horizontal education. Teaching is often something other than traditional lectures and the studies include lots of project work, where students from different fields collaborate.

“In the courses you learn not only from the teachers but also from the other students who bring the perspectives of their own field to the work.”