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Page updated 12.10.2015

Doing together supports integration

TUAS’ students in Health and Well-being organised encounters and activities for asylum seekers in Pansio. The opportunity for such activities was provided by the multiprofessional course Urban Health, which is implemented in English.

Exchange students and Social Services and Public Health Nurse students participated in the course.

Encounters with asylum seekers took place in connection with the welfare work of Michael’s parish in Turku, where the students helped with the distribution of clothes. One of the student groups worked in a youth group home with unaccompanied, underage asylum seekers. They guided the youths in using the library and also engaged them in sports, in terms of football.

For adult asylum seekers the students organised a very popular Olympic Games event with sports such as egg-carrying!

“The experiences gained during the week encourage to build more long-term joint activities between the asylum seekers and our students”, Lecturers Jaana Tomppo, Sirppa Kinos and Outi Kivinen say.

The photos speak for themselves: a casual atmosphere and doing together support integration and promote the multicultural competences of students.