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Page updated 14.12.2015
TUAS Christmas Card 2015

Competence to the region of partnership

Southwest Finland witnessed many positive twists in 2015. The greatest reflections will probably be the turns in the order book of the shipyard and the new production line of the car factory.

The upcoming model of social and health care will take the foundations of our welfare state in a more sustainable direction and the cultural activities, which were already strong before, have become more visible. When we manage to include the Nokia- and Microsoft-based experts in the new growth, the base of the future of our region is exceptionally strong.

Both these new and earlier success stories are united by one basic factor: high competence. The globalised markets do not think about the even development of regions but about where the best services and products are made. These require very specialised practice-oriented abilities, something which do not exist elsewhere. The successes of this year are a good demonstration of the high quality of the competence in our region.

In our Excellence in Action strategic plan, we at Turku University of Applied Sciences have committed ourselves to develop the competitiveness and well-being of the region. Also in the upcoming years, we want to be a part of supporting all actors in Southwest Finland to polish their competence even brighter than before and thus ensuring success in the future. I would like to thank all our partners for our close cooperation and hope that we can make it even closer in the future, as we build Southwest Finland as the best region around the Baltic Sea.

Before this, however, it’s time to take a breather. This year we have done a lot of good work, and thus we can all relax at the end of the year with holding our heads up high and trustingly looking ahead at the upcoming year. I wish all our partners peaceful holidays and an even better new year.

Vesa Taatila, Rector and President

TUAS' electronic holiday card has this year been designed by Tiina Räsänen, who studies Media Arts at TUAS and is specialised in animation.