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Page updated 15.1.2016

A tropical breeze to Scandinavian design

In February, the Nordic Tropic group, which is comprised of design students, will take furniture, lamps and furnishings with an element of exoticism to the Stockholm furniture fair.

For young designers, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is a showcase, where they can make valuable contacts. Preparation for the Fair began about a year ago when the theme was established.

The starting point was to introduce a “tropical trade wind” to the clear Scandinavian design, rendering it playful, colourful and casual. In the products, playfulness is demonstrated by e.g. the armchair by Oliver Webb. The chair has been inspired by the human skeleton. The chair by Oona Hallikainen is an airy version of the classic spoke chair.

Recycling continues to be a trend in design. This is demonstrated in the panelling designed of recycled paper by Miro Lappalainen. The collection also includes lamps, cupboards, a table and a rug.

The Nordic Tropic designers:

Reeta Laine
Hanna Laurikainen
Miro Lappalainen
Petra Yrjölä
Melina Luukka
Katriina Rouvinen
Oliver Webb
Laura Kolehmainen
Kari Kesonen
Wilma Tuominen
Susanna Simola
Joel Törrönen
Nina Mäkinen
Emma Koskinen
Oona Hallikainen