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Page updated 22.1.2016

Saheed Adebayo Gbadegeshin enjoyed studying in the International Business Management Programme

Saheed Adebayo Gbadegeshin is a PhD student at the University of Turku. This is his story about studying at Turku University of Applied Sciences.


I got my BBA from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and MSc from the University of Jyväskylä. I came across TUAS' MBA programme online when I was searching for Nursing programmes in Finland. I saw a newsflash on the school's home page that the application for MBA was postponed. That time, I had applied to 4 UAS already but I decided to apply to Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) because of my interest in the city.

The most fascinating thing was that the head of the programme contacted me through email, SMS and even call that I should complete my application. I did not know that I had to do pre-assignment work with the application. The attitude of the head of the programme gave me a motivation and that was the main reason I decided to attend the programme despite other UAS having given me admission. Her attitude showed that the school gave everyone equal rights as well as that they consider everyone important.

Studying International Business Management gave me more competence

As everyone knows, getting admission is often exciting but undertaking the programme is the main task. The primary aim of TUAS' MBA is to improve management, operation and leading competence. So, the programme was structured in the way that every student can acquire or improve his or her different managerial skills such as planning, organising, communication, intercultural/multicultural relations and research skills. To me, I was able to study international business management courses like Innovation management, Strategic management, Supply chain and logistics management, international project management, leadership and future studies (which enlighten managers to see beyond their vicinity). These courses really improved my skills! So, in TUAS' MBA, one can get more competence.

Saheed completed his studies in only three semesters

Furthermore, undertaking a MBA is challenging because it goes with work, family and leisure activities. In fact, some people used several years to complete it. Surprisingly, I completed my MBA within 3 semesters. I was able to achieve this because of the flexibility of TUAS' MBA programme, competent and understandable lecturers and mature classmates. Also, mutual cooperation with my family and bosses (at work) contributed to it a lot. Most importantly, I was able to complete my studies because of my personal motivation, attitude and determination. I was living in Kajaani when I started the programme. I had to come to Turku every Monday and returned on Tuesday evening. It was hard but I tried to manage the challenge. Therefore, with TUAS' MBA, one can manage it!

In addition to the above, I would like to share my good memories during the programme. Firstly, I was able to meet matured minds; I mean, people who are open-minded and highly experienced and come from different backgrounds. Secondly, I was able to learn from different points of view. Thirdly, I had the opportunity to get useful feedback from my mates and lecturers. Also, I was able to get knowledge from people who are both theoretically and practically sound. So, these memories are very essential for future global managers and one can get it with TUAS' MBA.


Plans for the future

You may want to know why I took the MBA because I have got an MSc before. Well, MBA gives more managerial competence and due to my life dream, I need some advanced skills which an MBA can provide me. As I said earlier, I got some important skills from TUAS' MBA. These skills are crucial for my future career because I want to be a well-known global businessman. I am happy that it has started already because my MBA thesis had led me to try one of my business ideas, which is promising now.

So, I would like to advise anyone that has good future plans to not hesitate to do his or her MBA at TUAS because with that programme, many skills will be acquired. Wonderful staff, competent lecturers and comfortable studying environment await you at TUAS.