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Page updated 10.2.2016

The number of applicants to programmes conducted in English on the rise

Higher education degree programmes conducted in English were included in the first joint application of the year, which took place on 8–27 January 2016. Turku University of Applied Sciences offered four study options.

In total, over 2 000 applicants applied to TUAS in the first joint application of the spring. Of these, 600 had put TUAS as their first study option. The number of applicants to the Master’s degree education in International Business Management tripled from last year. The education received over 180 applications in total.

The total number of applicants to the English-language programme in International Business also increased compared to the year before. The number of applicants was altogether 800. In addition, the study options included the engineering degree programme in Information and Communications Technology, which attracted a little over 670 applicants. The English-language degree programme in Nursing, which will move to Turku from Salo this year, attracted about 400 applicants in total.

Get to know the degree programmes here:

•  Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business 

•  Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology 

•  Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing 

•  Master of Business Administration, International Business Management 

Later this spring, the degree programmes will organise entrance examinations for the applicants and the applicants to the Master’s degree programme will have to complete a preliminary task. The results will be notified to the applicants on 1 July 2016. Those that are selected shall notify TUAS about accepting their study place by 15 July 2016. Studies in the degree programmes mentioned above will start in autumn 2016. Read more about joint application here

English-language programmes included also in the second joint application of the spring

The second joint application this spring, 16 March – 6 April 2016, will offer over 60 study options from TUAS – both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. This later application period will also include three Master’s degree programmes conducted in English. In the degree programme in Leadership and Service Design, you can complete a Master’s degree either in the field of culture or business. A completely new degree programme to be launched is an engineering programme in marine technology: Master of Engineering, Marine Technology.

Get to know all study options included in the joint application here.