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Page updated 29.4.2016

TUAS ranked on a list of top sales schools

The sales education of Turku University of Applied Sciences has made a list of top sales schools, published by the US-based Sales Education Foundation. Only 15 schools outside the US were selected on the list.

The Sales Education Foundation, which created the list of top sales schools, evaluated the sales education of TUAS as high-quality as it was selected as one of the educational institutes featured on the list from outside the US. From Finland, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences also appears on the list. Sales Education Foundation supports sales-related professions and professional competence through education, and publishes an annual list of top sales schools.

TUAS has developed sales education and teaching methods in a goal-oriented manner for a long time. The specialisation options in the education are B2B sales, financing and insurance. The latest addition to the options is real estate. Investing in developing the sales competence of engineers working in the technology industry will also increase, in terms of the sales engineering education to begin next autumn. 

TUAS’ sales education uses many innovative and working life oriented learning methods, such as sales competitions. In these, B2B sales situations are simulated in realistic role play situations with corporate buyers. A recently organised national sales competition was won by Salla Pantsar from TUAS. In addition, TUAS will co-organise a European-wide sales competition in June.  

TUAS also aims at promoting the appreciation and education of sales on a larger scale. Sales competence is required in all fields and especially in the current, challenging market situation in Finland and the entire Europe for selling the products of the export industry.