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Joint application to English-language Bachelor’s degree programmes over – even with a fee, the education attracted applicants

Joint application to foreign-language Bachelor’s degree programmes ended on Wednesday 25 January. Turku University of Applied Sciences offered three Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in English, in the fields of engineering, business and health and well-being.

The total number of applicants in TUAS’ first joint application of the spring was 916, of which 293 placed TUAS as their first study option. The number of first study option applicants in relation to the starting places has remained almost at the 2016 level.

The total number of applicants decreased somewhat from last year. Starting next autumn, the degree education conducted in a foreign language will primarily be subject to a charge for applicants coming from outside the EU and EEA countries.

In addition to the introduction of the study fees, the number of applicants was affected by that the number of study options decreased from four to three. The number of applicants to the degree programmes in Business and Engineering was smaller than in 2016. However, the number of Finnish first study option applicants for these degree programmes increased this spring. For the first time the degree programme in International Business is implemented entirely as virtual online studies.

The number of applicants to the English-language degree programme in Nursing increased from last year. The reason for this is the increased number of Finnish applicants; the number of foreign applicants was practically the same as in 2016.

At this point it is difficult to estimate the impact of the study fees on the numbers of applicants. The clearest conclusion from the numbers is that earlier there were significantly more applicants from some Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Nepal, for the degree programmes in Business and Information Technology. In terms of applicants from African countries, the numbers decreased somewhat. An exception to this is the degree programme in Nursing, for which the total number of applicants from these continents remained at last years’ level. In total, the number of first study option applicants from outside the EU and EEA countries decreased by 20% from last year.

“We are glad and pleased that our education is interesting also on an international scale, and that the decrease in the number of applicants was smaller than expected”, says Rector Vesa Taatila.

The next joint application period this spring will take place on 15 March – 5 April 2017. TUAS will then offer 46 study options. The degree programmes are mainly conducted in Finnish, but the Master's degree programme in Business will be offered in English. Master of Business Administration, Leadership and Service Design

Up next: entrance exams, studies to start this autumn

The entrance exams of the English-language Bachelor’s degree programmes will be organized in April. The invitations to the exams will be sent on 13 March 2017 at the earliest.

The applicants will be informed of the results of the student selection by 30 June 2017 and the study place shall be accepted on 14 July by 15:00. The studies start in August–September.

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