Page updated 9.12.2019

Leadership training, international networking and solutions for global problems – students of Turku University of Applied Sciences start in the Clinton Global Initiative University programme

Clinton Global Initiative University is a network for colleges and universities that aims to raise future leaders and invests in student innovations.

Four students of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U). The goal of CGI U is to raise future leaders to brainstorm and innovate solutions for global issues, such as climate change, education, public health, poverty and human rights.

Mr. Jere Ranta, an ICT student, participates with a game project that aims to promote early detection and treatment of dementia. He has developed the game together with Turku University Hospital, and seeks support from the CGI U to expand testing and further improve the game.

Also participating is a group whose project aims to use gaming methods to raise awareness of waste management and its importance in tackling climate change. The group includes Ms. Katri Paananen (Degree Programme in Information and Communications Technology), Mr. Jani Laiho (student in ICT) and Mr. Rami Alsabki (Degree Programme in Information and Communications technology).

The students are involved in CGI U for one year, including a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the annual CGI U meeting will take place. In the meeting, students get support from a large group of international experts and have the opportunity to network. After the event, the students return to their home countries to translate their ideas into practice, backed-up by financial assistance from their respective college or university and CGI U’s expert network.

Prof. Dr Evangelos Markopoulos, TUAS Fellow, is a CGI U mentor. In addition to Markopoulos, the students will receive support from another mentor and be allowed access to an online platform with online seminars, presentations and other material.

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