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Page updated 12.3.2020

Online payments in use in the TUAS library

The self-service opportunities for library customers have broadened. For example, you don’t necessarily have to come to the campus library any longer to pay for your fines and fees because you can pay for them easily online.

Log into TUAS Finna and choose the tab titled Fines. It is possible to pay online via Finnish online banks, with the most common credit cards and with MobilePay. 

To be observed in the payment

You will not be able to change the sum but must pay for all fines and fees at the same time. The minimum amount to pay is 1€.  After finishing the payment, return to Finna and make sure the fines have been removed. You will also receive an automatic verification of the payment by email. The receiver of the payment will be Paytrail as this can be seen on your credit card bill or bank statement.

In case the payment fails or is interrupted or if the payment has not been removed, please don’t try to pay the fines again. Contact the Service Desk of the library at library@turkuamk.fi instead.