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Page updated 30.5.2014

The cooperation negotiations at Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd were completed

Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd has completed the co-operation procedure which concerned the whole TUAS due to financial and production-related grounds.

The number of staff will be decreased with redundancies, shifts to part-time work and revisions of duties.

Altogether 20 people will be made redundant. Of those, 11 are members of teaching staff and nine from administrative and support services. In addition, 27 people will be shifted to part-time work. In total, these actions will create savings of approx. 24 person-years for the year 2015. In the beginning of the cooperation negotiations, the need for reduction with different means was estimated to be about 40 person-years. During the negotiations, means which can create savings of over 2.5 MEUR in personnel costs for 2015 were discovered.    

Turku University of Applied Sciences had to start the cooperation negotiations because government savings will cut its basic funding with approx. 13% by the year 2017. The significant reduction in central government transfers falls in the year 2015, altogether approx. 3.1 MEUR. As a part of government savings, it has already been decided that several degree programmes will be discontinued or significantly reduced, which means that the need for work is reduced in teaching and the supportive administrative and support services. Due to government decisions, degree programmes in Music, Beauty and Cosmetics, Hospitality Management, Sustainable Development, and in Fisheries and Environment were discontinued. Furthermore, cuts were made in the degree programmes in Design and in Business Administration, and in the field of technology.

Together with the cooperation procedure a new organisation model has been prepared. By renewing the structure, a better service ability and more efficient forms of implementation are searched as the economy tightens.

The intention is to execute the necessary actions starting at the beginning of 2015 at the latest. Cost savings are also sought in other areas than personnel costs.