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Page updated 17.6.2014
Lemminkäisenkatu campus 2

ICT-City personnel moves to temporary premises on Lemminkäisenkatu

The personnel of ICT-City (former ICT Building) moves to temporary premises on Lemminkäisenkatu for the duration of the repair work.

Administration and Development (A-wing in ICT-City)

The following units of Development and Administration have moved to Lemminkäisenkatu from ICT-City:

  • Regional Development
  • Open UAS
  • Personnel administration
  • Personnel Training
  • Language Centre
  • Developing Education
  • International Activities
  • Quality and Evaluation
  • Student Affairs (Admissions Office)
  • Financial Administration
  • RDI Centre
  • eLearning Centre
  • Communications Office
  • General Administration (Rector's office)

Please see the new premises of the units in the attached map.

Admissions Office service point

The service counter of the Admissions Office can be found in Kyvetti. The service counter is located in the main lobby: take a left after the entrance, next to the doormen's premises. The service counter is open Mon-Fri at 9:00–15:00.

Business, ICT and Life Sciences (C-wing in ICT-City)

Some of the staff of the faculty of Business, ICT and Life Sciences has moved to Lemminkäisenkatu. Please see the personnel and their premises in the attached map.

Postal addresses and duration of the repair work

Mail is automatically directed to Lemminkäisenkatu, and thus letters can still be addressed to ICT-City.

The estimated duration of the repair work is until mid-August, after which the staff will move back to ICT-City. Information on the completion of the repair work and moving back to ICT-City will be given separately.