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Page updated 2.3.2021

Additional tax deduction for R&D cooperation for companies and communities!

The Finnish Tax Authority offers companies and communities an additional 50 percent tax deduction for research and development cooperation conducted with a research organization such as Turku University of Applied Sciences. The tax incentive is valid for the tax years 2021–2025.

The aim of the benefit is to promote high-quality research and development work, and to continue to strengthen the cooperation between companies and research organizations. By developing together, we build the competitiveness and vitality of our region, and along with it, well-being and a better tomorrow for all of us. 

Benefit is based on genuine development of something new

All research and development cooperation related to the company’s business, which aims at developing new products, services or processes, or at significantly and essentially improving existing ones, entitles to the additional deduction. The work may include e.g., constructing prototypes, test environments or pilot production lines, evaluation and analysis of project potential, investigating unknown risks etc. All those things which help to develop something new and support decision-making. 

The basis for the additional deduction is the subcontractor invoice of Turku UAS for research and development work which entitles to the deduction. More information on the additional deduction (in Finnish) is available in the instructions of the Finnish Tax Authority .  

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