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Page updated 16.6.2014

Expertise strengthened on TUAS’ International Week

TUAS’ International Week, already a summertime tradition, gathered up more than 80 experts from all over Europe.

The guests represented different fields of higher education administration, such as research and development activities, international services, library services and personnel administration. The International Week was organised on 2–6 June 2014.

The future of higher education a topic of interest

One of the week’s themes was the future of European higher education. At the Higher education in turmoil seminar, organised in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, the topics included e.g. the future of academic mobility and the cooperation between universities and business life. The most far-off speakers were from Malaysia, and the seminar also included speakers from e.g. Great Britain. 

Sharing best practices

The international week also offered the experts in higher education administration a forum for sharing their best practices with European colleagues. The discussion topics included, for example, how students should be coached for exchange studies or what kind of marketing strategies different universities have. Other themes were e g. diversity in universities and making the most of virtuality.

Tasters from Finland

In addition to the official programme, the guests got a taster of Finnish culture through leisure activities, for instance by getting to know the traditional way Finns spend their summer by the sea. The programme also included visits to Turku City Library and Tonfisk Design.