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Page updated 24.6.2014

TUAS’ Nursing Students to Pilot the CareMe Learning Game

TUAS' health and well-being students will pilot the CareMe learning game. CareMe is a digital learning game for the health care field, developed in cooperation by Helsinki Metropolia UAS and Medictes Oy.

The CareMe learning game provides a new way to practice decision-making in nursing by means of gamification, and thus enhances the learning experience. In the game, the learner solves patient cases and the contents of the game can be targeted at different professional groups. CareMe gives players real-time feedback on their performances during the game and afterwards.

Nursing students from TUAS will participate in the pilot project. The piloting will commence in the end of the next semester.

“Students can play the game independently on the course Surgical Patient Nursing. In mid-August we will get to know the game in more detail and in October, Jaana-Maija Koivisto from Helsinki Metropolia UAS will train us in the game”, say Raili Hölttä and Anu Havisto.

A learning game for users’ needs

The need for developing the CareMe learning game has been substantial. Patient safety regulations require strong competence of social and health care professionals. New solutions have to be thought of to safeguard competence and learning.

“CareMe is a learning game where the player solves realistic patient cases of different difficulty levels in a nurse’s role, in a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about causing problems for real patients", Koivisto describes the game.

The learning is based on the learning by doing approach, where the user actively participates in the treatment of the patient alone or together with other students. Students can come from several different countries, which brings new dimensions to the learning situation for example in terms of communication and multiculturality.

CareMe gives players real-time feedback on their performances during the game and afterwards. The feedback enables the student to critically examine his/her experiences and relate them to what has previously been learned.

“Reflecting the learning is connected with professional development. CareMe saves the data accumulated in the game and this helps to monitor the students’ progress”, says Koivisto.

“Developing the game has been user-oriented, as students and teachers have been involved in the planning and testing of the game from the beginning”, she continues.