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Page updated 13.9.2021

In climate issues, competence is key

Turku University of Applied Sciences responds to climate change by offering the knowledge, competence and solutions required: we influence especially through education and research, development and innovation activities. We are on board the 1.5 degree climate campaign of the City of Turku with the theme “Know and impact”.

With knowledge, we can influence together

Expertise is the single greatest catalyst for necessary societal change. According to research, increased expertise adds responsibility for sustainability and inspires for action. We invite you on board to find out, learn and have an impact for the good of the climate. We can respond to the climate challenge only with cooperation. That’s why we’re involved in the 1.5 degree life campaign of the City of Turku.

people with green leaves

The 1.5 degree life campaign of the City of Turku

The aim of the City of Turku is to be carbon neutral in 2029. It is a bold aim, and everyone in Turku needs to get involved. The 1.5 degree life is a campaign with which Turku wants to encourage its residents and companies to make climate-friendly choices. The acts can be small and easy everyday actions, revolutionary inventions or everything in between.

It’s also useful to remember that a climate-friendly life is not all about giving up and misery, but it also brings health and well-being to our lives, and at best, creates new business. 

The campaign is based on the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which aims at stopping global warming at 1.5 degrees.

More information on the campaign:  https://www.turku.fi/en/carbonneutralturku

Bigger handprint, smaller footprint

Turku University of Applied Sciences will be carbon neutral by 2025. Starting from 2025, Turku University of Applied Sciences will be climate positive in its operations. Climate positivity means that our activities reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the globe instead of increasing them.

As for the carbon handprint, it includes information on how we produce solutions to sustainability challenges and train experts, who promote sustainable development in working life and society. The carbon footprint covers the calculation of the carbon footprint, the actions taken to reduce emissions and the compensation of the remaining carbon emissions. 

Expertise in sustainable development and projects for the good of the climate

Our aim is that all our graduates will have at least basic knowledge of sustainable development and responsibility, including climate issues, in addition to the expertise related to their respective fields. For example, Turku UAS participated in creating contents for the Climate University courses arranged last spring. 

We also promise to live what we preach. We will monitor the development of our staff’s competence in sustainable development and responsibility annually. According to the results of a survey made by the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, the staff has interest, abilities and ideas for promoting a sustainable and responsible future in their work and in the operations of their higher education institution. 

In our research, development and innovation activities, we are involved in about 50 projects which promote the objectives of our programme for sustainable development and responsibility. Central themes of the projects include 

  • promoting e-mobility
  • production of renewable energy and saving energy
  • circular economy
  • changes in the water management and clean water. 

We promote ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development. Get to know our goal and its fulfilment on our website.