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Page updated 12.10.2021

Know and impact: studied and tested information on sustainable development

As a part of the 1.5 degree life climate campaign of the City of Turku, we invite you along to find out, learn and have an impact for the good of the climate. Turku University of Applied Sciences responds to climate change by offering the necessary information, expertise and solutions. The information can also be accessed by anyone.

According to research, increased expertise adds responsibility for sustainability and inspires for action. From the list below, you can pick the most suitable ways for yourself to increase your knowledge on climate change and sustainable development. In particular, the tips are suitable for experts and students of different fields, but also for others with an interest in the topic.

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Study sustainable development online free of charge

Climate University provides courses related to sustainable development free of charge: https://climateuniversity.fi/  

The courses implemented by several higher education institutions in cooperation are suitable for higher education students and anyone interested in sustainable development. 

Information on sustainable development tested in practice – Turku UAS’ publications 


Redesigning Education - Visions and Practices  

Circular Economy

Methods for Circular Economy Teaching  

Textile flows in Finland 2019  

The relationship between human and nature

Human and nature  

Follow the 1.5 degree life climate campaign of the City of Turku

Turku wants to encourage its residents and companies to make climate-friendly choices. The acts can be small and easy everyday actions, revolutionary inventions and everything in between. Pick the tips for climate actions suitable for yourself by following the campaign.