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Page updated 5.11.2021

The first double degree students from Aalen completed their degrees in Turku

Daniel Wieland and Nikolaos Papadopolous from Germany have always been interested in foreign cultures and people. Their interest eventually led to a double degree: the first degree they completed in Germany at the Hochschule Aalen and the second at Turku University of Applied Sciences, as the first students from Aalen.

Text: Siiri Welling

Daniel Wieland and Nikolaos Papadopolous received a degree in Industrial Management and Engineering in Turku, while in Germany their degree is in Surface Technologies/ New Materials with contraction: International Sales Management and Technology.

Wieland says he heard about the double degree and exchange opportunity during his first year of study in Aalen in 2017.

–The teacher told me about the agreement that was in the making. I applied with Niko in November 2019. I wrote the application from Vietnam as I was doing my internship there at Mercedes Benz. Niko, on the other hand, was in South Korea. So, we were on the other side of the globe, and even then, we thought of Turku, smiles Wieland.

Wieland describes studying in Turku challenging, but also comfortable. A double degree student also had to complete a full 60 credits in an academic year. As the first students from Aalen, they had to figure out a lot of practical things, and Covid19 also brought its own addition to their studies. However, Wieland says he always got help when he needed it and all the work was worth it. 

The most memorable things in Turku have been getting to know Finland and other exchange students. During his studies, Wieland travelled to Lapland, among other places.

– I have met many kinds of people, who I can call good friends, attend good lectures and improved my own skills. To be honest, if you want to spend the best time of your life, come to Turku, praises Wieland.

The double degree agreement with Aalen University of Applied Sciences entered into force at the end of 2019. Both Aalen and Turku University of Applied Sciences have been cooperating for years in the Academic Association of Sales Engineering, or AASE, and through that, the idea of concluding a double degree agreement between universities was born. Exchange students have moved between universities in the past.

Daniel Wieland received his degree certificate.


Rauni Jaskari, Degree Programme Leader from Turku UAS, presented Daniel Wieland with his diploma at EduCity on Monday. Papadopolous was unable to attend. Jaskari has been completely satisfied with the co-operation with Aalen University.

– Graduation of double degree students as a bachelor’s degree here requires that both universities understand each other’s requirements and work closely together. We have good contacts with Aalen, says Jaskari.

In the academic year 2020–2021, ten double degree students studied in the degree programme of industrial management engineerin, two of them from Aalen, five from Aschaffenburg, Germany and three from France, ESTA.

Papadopoulos started his Master in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing while he works simultaneously in the Sales Learning Management Department for a medical company. 

Wieland is already planning a master’s degree, but first he wants to gain work experience. He did his thesis for Robert Bosch GmbH, and after graduating, got a job as a key account manager in the technical sales department for an international automotive company.

– My dream is that I could still study for a master's degree here, says Wieland.

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