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Page updated 18.1.2022
There is No Planet B (photo Jussi Virkkumaa)

KampusART will introduce a media art programme in EduCity

The Kupittaa Campus will provide a new forum for media art when a versatile array of media artworks by the alumni of Turku UAS’ Arts Academy will be displayed on the media wall of EduCity in the next 1.5 years.

The KampusART media art programme was curated by the producers of the Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT) event, Rose Pietola and Jenna Suomalainen. The curators selected the artworks through a call for portfolios aimed at the alumni and by inviting alumni artists to participate. The media art programme includes artworks by 17 artists or artistic teams.  

- Several interesting media and video artists can be found among the alumni. One of the ideas which describes our selections was: which artists’ artworks would we like to see in the media art entity dedicated to the alumni of Turku UAS’ Arts Academy? Artworks from those with a notable career as well as recently graduated artists will be featured in the entity”, Rose Pietola says.

The media arts programme is opened by performance artist Leena Kela’s video performance There Is No Planet B. The artwork is a performative ritual for the aim of changing our own behaviour amid a global environmental crisis.

- Interesting, sometimes very dissimilar works of art will be displayed on the media wall. We believe that the array provides a good impression of how versatile, talented artists have graduated from Turku UAS’ Arts Academy. For example, a performance video, animations, or random moments captured with a mobile phone camera are displayed on the media wall as equal artworks featuring moving images, discarding the genre categorizations”, Jenna Suomalainen describes.

The MO(VE)MENTS screening, which will be organized in May in cooperation with the Video Art Festival Turku event, is also a part of the media art programme. In the screening, moving images will be accompanied by rich soundscapes.

Artworks of the media art programme will be displayed on the media wall at Turku UAS’ EduCity (Joukahaisenkatu 7, Turku) on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11–12. The artworks can be viewed from Taidon portaat, which can be accessed from the EduCity restaurant and the working café on the second floor.

The media art programme is a part of the KampusART arts programme, worth almost a million euros. The arts programme brings high-quality and interesting contemporary art to the indoor and outdoor premises of Kupittaa Campus. The Kupittaa Campus arts programme is coordinated by TUAS Arts Academy, and it is implemented in cooperation by TUAS and Turku Technology Properties.