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Page updated 4.7.2014

Double Degree from Russia Now Possible for TUAS Students

TUAS has signed double degree agreements with two Russian universities, St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics and the Orenburg State University.

Closer collaboration with Russian universities

Turku University of Applied Sciences has invested in co-operation with Russia in the recent years. The reasons for this are many. Firstly, Russia offers interesting possibilities in the field of education and research. Moreover, Russia is one of the biggest trade partners of Finland. Thus also many TUAS graduates get employed in jobs where good knowledge about the neighboring country is needed.

In 2013, TUAS participated in the celebrations of Turku and St. Petersburg’s 60 years as twin cities. TUAS also organized a two-day seminar in St. Petersburg in October 2013, where it presented its education and RDI activities.

The double degree agreements signed now are some of the results from the strengthening the ties with Russian education institutions. Others include e.g. teacher and staff exchanges and RDI cooperation.

Degree from two universities

Double degree means that the student studies part of the degree at the partner university. Normally it is the third year of studies that he/she will spend in the Russian host university. Once graduating, the student obtains degrees from both from Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Russian counterpart. This can be quite a merit in the job market for the newly graduated.

The double degree agreement with the St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics covers the degree programme in International Business and the agreement with the Orenburg State University the fields of energy and environmental engineering and industrial management.