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Page updated 11.4.2022

Education export to Brazil strengthened

Through its project Innopeda®, Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS) hosted a week-long programme for ISO Colégios e Cursos, an elementary school based in Paraíba, Brazil.

Crossing the Atlantic

Pictures: Érica Dahlström-Dezonne

ISO School representants, directors and founders, Marco Viana and Fernando Viana, as well as Luís Miranda, coordinator of the Early Childhood Education and Early Years Segments, crossed the Atlantic to meet in person with the Innopeda®  team at Turku UAS, as well as explore the city of Turku.

The EduTour visit involved a week full of activities in equipping them with a deep understanding of the Finnish education system’s possibilities. 

The Rector and President of Turku UAS, Dr. Vesa Taatila, accompanied by Innopeda® team members Ms. Marjo Joshi and Ms. Milla Järvipetäjä, both experts and coaches; Mari Hartemo, Brand Manager; Juliana Piispa, Business Designer; Susanna Saari, Head of Innopeda® Training Center; Anu Härkönen , Head of International Relations, among other staff members welcomed the ISO School committee with a meeting that took place on Monday, March 21st, at the EduCity campus.  

The breakfast meeting, enriched by Finnish delis such as pullat (buns), served as a warm welcome and was the kick start to subjects related to the current collaboration between the institutions and the future of the partnership.

Group watching EduCity campus
The day followed with a tour, led by Susanna Saari, to explore Turku UAS facilities and provide a close look up of the modern EduCity campus.

The Finnish style education from early to higher education

During the EduTour, the Brazilian team visited the Nummenpakka elementary school, Kurittula elementary school and Tommilankatu daycare.

The aim of the visits was to benchmark Finnish education and familiarize the  Brazilian board with the different learning environments, laboratories and teaching skills.

The ISO School members were warmly welcomed at Kurittula Koulu by Pekka Karenmaa, Director of Education of Masku and Harri Mantila, Principal at Kurittula Disciplinary School

Strong collaboration continues

The Brazilian guests were impressed by what they saw and experienced; the cooperation will be further strengthened.

Cooperation and future plans were refined together and a day cruise to Stockholm was included in the busy week's programme.
ISO School is a private school and is driven by quality education and financial growth.

“We can clearly demonstrate how the Innopeda approach has also had a positive impact on the quality of education in our state. As a result of the investments in the Innovation Pedagogy training, the school had considerable financial growth, even during the time of the coronavirus”, emphasised Fernando Viana, ISO school’s founder. 

The cooperation will continue when representatives of Turku UAS travel to Brazil in the spring.

Strong collaboration continues