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Page updated 28.4.2022


MO(VE)MENTS on mediataiteen screening, jossa esitetään mediataideteoksia Turun AMK:n Taideakatemian alumneilta.

MO(VE)MENTS is a media art screening, which showcases media artworks by alumni from Turku UAS’ Arts Academy. The screening is divided in two parts, Part I: Sukellus (Dive) and Part II: Hyppy (Jump). The names introduce the essence of the artworks, leaving room for interpretation, and the possible feelings produced by the parts. The artists will also get to share their thoughts with a moderator.

The event duration is approx. 2 hours. Free entry. The Q&A session is held in Finnish.

The event is a part of KampusART media art programme, and it is organized in cooperation by Turku UAS’ Arts Academy and the Video Art Festival Turku event.


Part I: Sukellus (Dive)

  • Remi Vesala: bottomless (2021, 7 min 14 s)
  • Jade Kallio: Dissortion (2021, 12 min 48 s) 
  • Leena Kela: There is no planet B (2020, 4 min 25 s)
  •             Annika Dahlsten ja Markku Laakso: Campfire in a Zoo (2019, 3 min)
  • Anni Porrasmäki: They should listen more carefully (2022, 10 min 32 s)
  • Saara Ekström: Shadow codex (2021, 12 min 31 s)


Part II: Hyppy (Jump)

  • Jessica Koivistoinen: MO(VE)MENTS (2015, 3 min) 
  • Iiu Susiraja: Red cheeks (2017, 1 min 46 s) 
  • Iiu Susiraja: Baguette (2020, 3 min 17 s)
  • Iiu Susiraja: Lunch box (2017, 34 s)
  • Lilli Haapala: Language of the body (2019, 6 min 11 s)
  • Tapani Tolonen: Refugees of EBU (2016, 5 min 26 s) 
  • Benjamin Orlow: Die Gross Love pt.2 (2011, 4 min 11 s)
  • Heta Jäälinoja: Penelope (2016, 4 min)
  • Hertta Kiiski: WE VIII (2020, 8 min)