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Page updated 19.5.2022

Turku UAS receives quality label from audit

Turku University of Applied Sciences has passed the audit conducted by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). Turku UAS is found to be a strong and effective regional operator.

According to the evaluation group, the societal interaction and, in particular, regional impact of Turku University of Applied Sciences are strong. Research, development and innovation activities at Turku UAS are purposeful. Turku UAS is a sought-after partner for RDI projects. The RDI activities emphasize support for the companies in the region.

At Turku University of Applied Sciences, the educational planning and the education offered are based on the HEI’s strategy, anticipation of the competence needs of Southwest Finland and the working life relevance of the education.

“I am very pleased that the evaluation group found robust evidence of impactful regional operations both in education and in our research, development and innovation work. The strategy of Turku University of Applied Sciences outlines that we exist to support the success of our region. It is good to have an external party confirm that we have taken the right path towards our goal”, says Rector and President Vesa Taatila from Turku University of Applied Sciences.


According to the audit group, Turku University of Applied Sciences has plenty of opportunities and competence to increase its impact also nationally and internationally. This way Turku UAS could respond to the changing challenges in society more comprehensively.

Turku University of Applied Sciences demonstrates a willingness to develop continuous learning, which is related to the goal of Turku University of Applied Sciences to produce competent professionals for the needs of working life in Southwest Finland.

“In our currently ongoing strategy process, we will pay close attention to the development suggestions of the audit group. Expanding the impact of our operations also outside our own region, strengthening the entity of continuous learning and increased utilization of multidisciplinarity will open us good opportunities to develop our operations”, Taatila says.

All Finnish higher education institutions are audited on a regular basis. The audit is conducted by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre FINEEC. The audit of Finnish higher education institutions is a legal obligation and the quality label awarded to a higher education institution which has passed the audit is valid for six years. An external group of experts is compiled for each audit and a large number of the higher education institution’s staff, students and stakeholder representatives participate in the audit.

A passed audit demonstrates that the university of applied sciences’ activities and quality system meet both the national criteria and the European criteria for the quality assurance of higher education institutions. On the ongoing round of evaluations of higher education institutions, demonstrating the societal impact of the activities is under particular examination.