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Page updated 2.6.2022

Timo Holopainen was elected new President of AASE

Principal Lecturer Timo Holopainen was elected as 4th President of the Academic Association of Sales Engineering.

Picture: Siiri Welling

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) members aim at further developing the profession of ‘sales engineer’, improving the quality of sales engineers’ education, introducing academic standards for study degrees, and establishing the term ‘sales engineer’ as a brand.

Turku University of Applied Sciences' sales engineering education has started last year. Last year Turku UAS received an AASE certificate, which increases the value of sales engineering education and research. 

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) was created in 2014 at the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg (Germany) by about 40 deans, programme managers, professors and lecturers from Austrian, Finnish, French and German Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences active in the education of Sales Engineers. In 2019, AASE was legally converted into an association ruled by French law 1901.

Read the full press release from here .