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Page updated 14.12.2022

Mika Lohtander in the expert group of the EU’s Horizon Europe research programme

Mika Lohtander, D.Sc. (Engineering), Head of Education and Research in the competence area of Technology Industry from Turku UAS, has been appointed in Horizon Europe’s Digital, Industry and Space expert group.

Text: Martti Komulainen
Photo: Veera Lundén

The expert members bring views on research needs and the prospects of the field to the work of the Horizon research programme. Even though the members represent themselves in the groups, the appointment will also open views for Turku UAS on the programme work and an opportunity to influence the future focus areas of research.

The expert members support the official advisory committees in the Horizon programme and their Finnish members.

–I’m very flattered by the appointment. This opportunity will reciprocally provide Turku UAS the opportunity to obtain extensive knowledge on the development of European technology. I get to hear and see the other experts’ views on a reciprocal basis, Mika Lohtander says.

The expert groups have not previously had a representative from a university of applied sciences.

The Digital, Industry and Space cluster covers e.g., manufacturing technologies, digital technologies, AI and robotics, data mining, circular economy, space technology and low-carbon and clean industries.