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Page updated 2.1.2023

Joint application to higher education about to start

In the first joint application period of the year, you can apply for foreign-language degree programmes at universities of applied sciences and universities and the degree programmes at Uniarts Helsinki. The application period begins on 4 January and ends on 18 January 2023 at 15:00.

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers altogether 7 study options: four Bachelor’s degree programmes and three Master’s degree programmes. There are altogether 165 study places in the degree programmes: 95 in the Bachelor’s degree programmes and 70 in the Master’s degree programmes. All degree programmes included in the present joint application are conducted in English.

Three of the degree programmes are mainly completed online. These degree programmes are Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, Master of Culture and Arts, Creative Design Management and Master of Engineering, Industrial Quality Management. All Master’s degree programmes offered by Turku University of Applied Sciences can be completed flexibly alongside working.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Social Services, Early Childhood Education, will be conducted in Salo. The Bachelor’s degree in Social Services provides students the abilities to work as professionals in social services and early childhood education and in different guidance, planning and development duties in health and well-being services. The extent of the degree is 210 ECTS credits and the duration is 3.5 years. 

Student selection to the Bachelor's degree programmes conducted in English are made either with the SAT test results, certificate-based selection or with the International UAS Exam, which is conducted in two phases. To the Master's degree programmes, the student selection is made based on a pre-task and interview, certificate-based selection or entrance exam. The studies in the degree programmes included in the current joint application will start in autumn 2023.

Apply to Turku UAS

The Spring Application is 4 January to 18 January 2023 Studies will start in August 2023.