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Page updated 2.1.2024

Master Minds hackathon – Creative and proactive solutions for a sustainable future

Support for forecasting competence needs, sudden insights into future technologies or strokes of genius for sustainable circular economy solutions? An inspired crowd of professionals from different fields are ready to contemplate on the future challenges and strategic questions of your organization.

On Monday 29.4.2024, Turku UAS’ Master School organizes a hackathon, in which nearly 100 Master School students, i.e., active experts already qualified in working life, are ready to brainstorm solutions to your organization’s commission. The students will work in multidisciplinary teams of five with a remote connection. There will be 10 teams working with each commission, totalling the number of innovative professionals focusing on your organisation's needs to 50.

The Master Minds hackathon commissions can be related to the organizations’ future plans, forecasting and/or challenges. The framework consists of three themes, under which we hope the assignments fall:

  1. Circular economy and a sustainable future
  2. Forecasting future competence needs
  3. Future technologies, interaction between humans and technology

We will select six commissions in Finnish and two in English.

In addition to providing the commission, we hope you can join us (on Zoom) in the morning on the date of the hackathon, May 29th, for briefing the teams, and in the afternoon to hear the results of the teams’ work.

Submit a commission proposal by 1.3.2024.
More information and commissions: tapani.kilpelainen@turkuamk.fi

Master School degree programmes

  • Sales Management
  • Business Management