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Page updated 28.6.2023
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Turku University of Applied Sciences is reforming research assessment

Turku University of Applied Sciences has signed an international agreement to reform the evaluation of research, researchers and research organisations.

Turku University of Applied Sciences has signed the CoARA (Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment) agreement. Almost 30 organisations in Finland have already signed the agreement, including the Academy of Finland.

– CoARA shows the way forward for the EU and European higher education institutions. Our common goal is to promote the quality and impact of research, says Head of RDI & Global Engagement Johanna Krappe

The agreement sets out common principles for research evaluation, including the adherence to ethically responsible practices. The measures emphasis the qualitative evaluation of research, which can be supported by appropriate, quantitative indicators.

Towards more open and responsible research

Turku University of Applied Sciences has already committed to promoting the principles of open science and research and the signing of the agreement is one step towards more open and responsible RDI (research, development and innovation) activities. Accountability and equality have already been addressed, for example in recruitment processes, by considering wide range of skills among applicants. 

Assessment of RDI processes

In May, a workshop was held for RDI managers of the universities of applied sciences. During the workshop, the practical implications of CoARA for the evaluation of universities of applied sciences and their RDI processes was discussed. 

– How funding organisations will react to the changes required by CoARA provoked the interest of participants. It seems likely that the need for qualitative evaluation expertise will increase both nationally and internationally, says Milla Roininen, Project and Quality Specialist who led the workshop.