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Page updated 13.9.2023

Turku UAS' rector joining the biggest Innovation Summit in Brazil

Rector and President of Turku University of Applied Sciences Vesa Taatila will be participating as a panellist in the largest innovation summit about Latin American industrial innovation in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Innovation Summit is considered one of the biggest in the world, bringing together business leaders, experts and government representatives to discuss worldwide innovation trends. The International Industry Innovation Summit is part of the actions of the Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI), an initiative that gathers together about 500 Brazilian companies and leaders to discuss and propose actions about science, technology and innovation.

The summit is organised by the National Confederation of Industry and by Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Companies (SEBRAE), and co-organized by the Social Service of Industry (SESI), National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI) and Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL).

Keeping up Finland's country image and building deeper collaboration

Trade Commissioner at Business Finland in Brazil, Matti Landin, highlights the importance of Taatila´s participation at the event.

– The speech of the rector Vesa Taatila at the CNI Innovation Congress in São Paulo is very important to keep up the country's image of Finland as one of the most innovative high-tech countries. The speech has great visibility in the Brazilian industry. The great good country image supports all the Finnish Companies exporting to Brazil, Landin states.

At the Innovation Summit, Mr. Taatila, who is also a former member of the Finnish Research and Innovation Council under the Ministry of Education and Culture, will discuss the theme “Education and professional training: developing new leaders and professionals for a sustainable future”. Joining him in the panel are participants such as Fernando Tourinho, Human resources director at Bosch Brazil, Milton Larsen Burgese, Director for public sector at Google Cloud Latin America and Rafael Lucchesi, Director of education and technology at CNI.

Rector and president Taatila sees this as a great opportunity for collaboration. 
– Turku University of Applied Sciences considers eco-innovation as the primary global competence development area at the moment. The deeper cooperation and trust we can build between the local business ecosystems and the higher education organizations, the easier it will be for us to solve the wicked problems at hand. The Innovation Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn from Brazilian eco-innovation solutions and share our own expertise on the topic.

Turku UAS has been cooperating with different education providers in Brazil for a long time already and this will bring visibility in the industrial context.

International Industry Innovation Summit 2023