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Page updated 26.8.2014

TUAS International Summer School had participants from 13 countries

TUAS International Summer School took place in Turku in the past two weeks. This year, visitors came to Turku from all over the world. Our region is attractive: the northern location and Finnish education interest people.

The international education period attracted altogether 30 foreign students and after this week, they will bring back their knowledge on Finland to several different parts of the globe. The students came from Canada, USA, China, Japan, Korea, India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

About 50 TUAS’ own degree students also participated in Summer School to gain an international perspective on their studies at the beginning of the autumn term. Four courses were arranged, and they ended on Friday 22 August.            

In addition to high-quality education, the participants got to enjoy the versatile leisure programme and the exotic August weather in Turku.

Multiprofessional and international

One of the interesting courses was “Mental health, crises and recovery”. Principal Lecturer, PhD Heikki Ellilä, who organises education in the field of mental health, is pleased with the fact that his course was dynamic and crossed educational borders. He says that he implements the tuition by listening to the group, and also this time the participants were a multiprofessional group of interesting, experienced professionals in the field.

“The group included e.g. someone who has worked in a Dutch detention centre and a cardiologist from Iran, who is studying in Canada and has worked at several trouble spots through WHO. Six German students brought educational knowledge from Munich and in addition, the participants included Finnish physiotherapists and nurses. We learned from each other. In addition to me, an expert from the Mental Health Association of Turku, ITU ry, also taught on the course and a visit to ITU ry's premises also included in the programme”, Ellilä says.

Promoting Turku region

“The participants were of different ages, from all over the world and had interesting backgrounds", confirms Elia Elenius, TUAS' Project Manager responsible for the International Summer School.

"It is great to participate in organising the kind of education that promotes a positive image on the region. And who knows what kind of possibilities will arise in the future when the students network e.g. on the business courses", Elia Elenius says.