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Page updated 5.10.2023

Career monitoring survey will start on 12.10.2023

The national career monitoring survey is ongoing from 12.10.-12.11.2023 and targets 2018 graduates.

Turku UAS is seeking 2 0007 alumni this autumn. The career monitoring survey is ongoing from 12.10.-12.11.2023. 

–The career monitoring survey is a key tool for the development of education. We need information about our alumni's employment, career paths and the skills needed in the workplace so that we can target development measures correctly," says Vesa Taatila, Rector and President of Turku UAS.

Alumni 2018 – check your inbox

CSC – IT Center for Science will send you the career monitoring survey by email and SMS. The email may end up in your spam box, so be sure to check that too.

If the survey starting on 12.10.2023 does not reach you, please contact Hanna Peussa, Turku UAS Alumni Coordinator.

Ms Hanna Peussa
M.A., Alumni Coordinator
+358 50 598 5628
alumni@turkuamk.fi; junioriamk@turkuamk.fi; rekry@turkuamk.fi