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Page updated 7.12.2023

MFA, or multi-step authentication, becomes mandatory for users outside the organization on December 5, 2023

We will also introduce multi-step authentication for external users in December 2023. We want to ensure and provide a secure working environment for everyone using the Turku University of Applied Sciences network through multi-stage identification.

MFA, i.e. multi-step authentication, means that a person receives a confirmation request on their phone after signing in to the Microsoft Office 365 services of Turku UAS, which means that the services mentioned above cannot be accessed without confirmation.

Who is an external user? 

The commissioning applies to both student and staff stakeholders.

The external user can be a customer of Turku UAS, a partner or some other person who does not have the organization IDs of Turku UAS but uses the Microsoft Office 365 services of Turku UAS. Participation in Teams meetings alone does NOT require an MFA, but if you invite a user to a Teams group as a member or want to share a file in OneDrive or Sharepoint, then the user must have an MFA enabled.

Check out the instructions for implementing multi-stage authentication: