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Page updated 18.12.2023

Thank you for the year 2023

A warm thank you to our partners for a busy year 2023.

For Turku University of Applied Sciences, 2023 will look like a record year in many ways. We will graduate a record number of future workers for working life in our region. We have carried out more research, development and innovation projects than ever before. Our students and staff have been more satisfied than before, which speaks well of long-term development prospects.

We have defined as our strategic goal to make an impact across the world of work. In the future, we will work even harder than before to help the development of the green economy, good life and hybrid working both in Southwest Finland and more widely in the Baltic Sea region, and also globally through our cooperation networks and RDI projects. 

For us, partnership is a way of doing things that is at the heart of everything and brings added value to our learning, research and development. We strive to ensure that our partners in Finland and around the world know us for our successful expertise. We want to be trustworthy.

The future looks both bleak and murky today than it did a year ago. At the same time, however, I strongly believe that competence is a key tool with which we can overcome the recession and other nuisances of working life. When we can still work together and support each other towards a better future, we will be able to reverse the falling development curves towards the northeast again. It is a pleasure to be involved in this work together with our partners. 

Thank you very much to everyone for 2023. Have a great time of celebration and an even better year 2024!

Vesa Taatila, Rector

Christmas donation for the well-being of young adults

Instead of printed holiday cards, we made a donation to the Tsemppari, a meeting place for young adults. Tsemppari provides mental wellbeing services for young adults. Concrete and free of charge support is directed to where it is most needed. 

We at Turku UAS have more than 12 000 reasons to care for the well-being of young adults. The well-being of our students is taken care of by a broad and multidisciplinary team of experts. In the photo, you can see our Student Counsellor Sari Seppä, along with Henna Helin and Noora Läntinen from Student Union TUO board.