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Page updated 9.1.2024

The alumni are satisfied with their education and career

The Bachelor's degree gave a good combination of theory and practice.
The education provides the basis from which to start, but the actual learning takes place at work.


The national career monitoring survey conducted in the autumn of 2023 was answered by 911 Turku University of Applied Sciences’ alumni. This is 45 percent of all the Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates in 2018. The response rate has been steadily increasing for several years. Thank you to all the respondents for that.

Of all survey respondents

  • 84% were at least fairly satisfied with their degree and
  • 88% were at least quite satisfied with their work careers so far

Master’s degree graduates responded that they were more satisfied with both their degree (89%) and their work career (90%).


Satisfaction with the degree is strongly linked to how well the respondent can make use of the skills acquired at the university of applied sciences (UAS) in their current job and whether the job corresponds to the level of the education acquired in the UAS.

What are the survey results used for?

Based on the survey responses, universities of applied sciences are allocated 3% of their basic funding. A few questions have been selected from the survey to measure qualitative employment. The questions are used to assess the satisfaction of a person who has completed a degree with the higher education they have received, the opportunities to utilise the competence acquired at the university of applied sciences in working life, the demands of work in relation to the higher education they have received, and the importance of higher education in the development of competence.

In addition to the financial impact, the feedback on working life provides current students with information on what skills are expected of them in working life and helps them understand the importance of non-professional skills. In addition, students and applicants will learn about the career paths of the alumni when planning their own careers.

For the higher education institution, the career monitoring survey provides information on how well the competence produced by university of applied sciences meets the needs of working life. In addition, the UAS receives information about the changes in the working life.

Where to find more information

The results of the career monitoring survey are public and can be found in the Education Statistics Finland Vipunen .