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Page updated 12.9.2014

CoastAL already a part of everyday activities

The activity of CoastAL, the consortium of universities of applied sciences in Southwest Finland, has started well, says Olli Mertanen, CoastAL's Executive Director.

Text and photo: Anne Lehikoinen

This autumn we will meet Mayors of the cities in Southwest Finland in order to increase the visibility of our provincial UAS consortium. However, the provincial university of applied sciences progresses in small steps, Mertanen believes.

The universities of applied sciences in the consortium, Satakunta UAS in Pori and TUAS are committed to cooperate in the form of the consortium. In addition to the universities of applied sciences, the operations are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. As a result of a name competition in spring 2014, the consortium was named CoastAL.

”The cooperation started very well this spring. Now that many of the universities of applied sciences’ active operators know each other, cooperation and achieving results are easier. For example, RDI activities have started with a bang. Joint summer studies also worked perfectly”, Mertanen adds.

By way of the consortium, other operations can also be combined in the future. A joint Master’s degree programme is currently being planned and large research, development and innovation projects have been launched.

”The UAS staff and students and regional operators should keep the consortium’s scope for action in mind”, says Mertanen.

A marine industry project is a good example. International competitiveness, the shipbuilding industry and marine technology cooperation partners in Brazil are on the agenda. These are large and slow issues, but the plan has been set in motion, envisions Executive Director Olli Mertanen.