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Page updated 17.12.2014
The Sun Ship, Aurinkolaiva

The Sun Ship issued online

This autumn Turku University of Applied Sciences’ customer magazine, the Sun Ship, has become an online magazine. The first issue was published yesterday in English. The theme is universities of applied sciences in the middle of change.

The first online magazine is

the Sun Ship

The theme is “TUAS in a changing world”.

The editor-in-chief is Vesa Taatila and the editor is Head of Communications Services Satu Haapala. The editorial staff of the first issue consists of Communications Services’ Anne Lehikoinen, Anttoni Lehto, Sanna Merisalo, Tina Myllyniemi, Johanna Saarinen, Frida Pessi and Sara Pietilä. TUAS’ staff members have written the articles. The magazine presents TUAS’ versatile activities vividly.

The site can be read both in English and Finnish

The Finnish version of the site contains all earlier issues of the Sun Ship and the English version contains all the English issues.

In the future, the Sun Ship will be issued four times a year. Every year, the second and last issue will be in English.

Get to know our new magazine!

Please send feedback and comments to the editorial staff of the Sun Ship: aurinkolaiva@turkuamk.fi