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Page updated 8.1.2015
Degree Programmes

Joint application to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes has kicked off

The first joint application of spring 2015 has begun on Wednesday 7 January and ends on 27 January. You can apply to TUAS’ foreign-language degree programmes: four Bachelor’s degree programmes and two Master’s degree programmes. The studies are conducted in English and suited to everyone who want to complete an international degree.

The Bachelor’s degree programmes you can apply to are:

The International Business programmes are organised in Turku and lead to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. The options are traditional daytime studies and more flexible multiform studies, which enable studying alongside work.

The degree programme in Information Technology leads to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering. The Degree Programme in Nursing is implemented in Salo and it leads to the degree of Bachelor of Health Care.

Apply to English-language Master’s degree programmes already in January

Previously, applying to all Master’s degree programmes has taken place via a separate application system, alongside the joint application to the Finnish-language degree programmes in March–April. This year the application period to the English-language Master’s degree programmes is already in January, together with the English-language Bachelor’s degree programmes.

The Master’s degree programmes you can apply to are:

The International Business Management programme, aiming for international expert tasks in business administration, leads to the degree of Master of Business Administration. Experts in design graduate as Masters of Culture and Arts from the Master’s degree programme in Leadership and Service Design.

There are altogether 158 starting places in the degree programmes to be applied to: 118 in Bachelor’s degree programmes and 40 in Master’s degree programmes. In the previous years, the applicants to TUAS’ international degree programmes have come from both Finland and abroad.  The studies in all degree programmes begin in the autumn of 2015.

Apply via the nationwide Studyinfo service (www.studyinfo.fi). More information on the degree programmes is available on TUAS’ website: http://www.tuas.fi/admissions.