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Page updated 1.4.2015
Office 365

Student email service changes at 1.-2.4.2015 – service interruptions today

Turku UAS student email service changes at 1.-2.4.2015. Student email service is about to change to Microsoft Office 365 service. After 1st April 2015 Turku UAS student email service is provided thru Office 365 service.

During the change operation student email service may have some service interruptions. All emails and calendar notes are transferred to new service. New mailbox size for emails is 50 gigabytes.

Services will be available at address http://portal.office.com. Username will be "firstname.lastname@edu.turkuamk.fi" for students and password the same as on TUAS Windows network.

Students can check their email address from Winha Wille service.

Email service can be used via Outlook Web App from Office 365 portal, mobile phone, tablet device or other supported device.

Students can also download Office 365 ProPlus software to their personal computers and read email with Office Outlook client.

New sign in address

The Office 365 services are available at the address http://portal.office.com.The students' usernames will be of the format firstname.lastname@edu.turkuamk.fi and the password is the same as in TUAS' Windows network. More instructions in Messi.

How to sign out from Office 365 -portal

Click person picture / Sign out at the upper right corner to sign out from Office 365 and close web browser.


If you are using a public computer it is recommended that you empty browser cache and restart your browser to ensure that you have been completely logged out from all Office 365 services that you have used.

Good to know

Note! If the email address changes in the future, e.g. in connection with the changing of a name, the user ID will also change in all services of Turku University of Applied Sciences where it is used for logging in. The student can check his/her new email address in Winha Wille's Student data page once the name has been changed.

For reading TUAS email with mobile devices, please check Office 365 mobile settings.

Mobile devices

Mailbox information such as e-mail messages, calendar events and contacts can be used with mobile phone, tablet device or other supported device.

Settings for mobile devices

More information about mobile phone, tablet device or other supported device settings available at address https://support.office.com/client/Puhelimen-ja-taulutietokoneen-m%C3%A4%C3%A4ritysohjeet-6777abf4-0430-4392-bea0-9c169d85b14d