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Page updated 22.4.2015

Introducing: International Summer School in Game Development

In the summer of 2015 Turku Game Lab introduces a 3-week summer programme that provides students with a unique opportunity for both theoretical and hands-on knowledge in game design, programming, arts, audio and testing.

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) and University of Turku (UTU) established a joint game laboratory already in 2009. TUAS has been educating game developers since the late 90s, when neither touch screen devices nor mobile market places were available. The original name of the game lab was Game Tech & Arts Lab, which emphasized that game development is in the middle of technology and art. Turku Game Lab wants to attract not only engineering students but also students studying digital art or for example animations to participate in game development activities.


Active Turku Game Lab

Turku Game Lab organizes many game related events all around the year. These include Finnish Game Jam event in January (a part of Global Game Jams) and IGDA Finland Turku Hub Gathering event once per month with visitors such as Epic Games and Supercell. Currently Turku Game Lab is developing gamified guidance applications which instruct tourists to the rich local culture and history of Turku. 

International Summer School

The premises of Turku provide an inspiring environment to study game development in the summer. Additionally, the Finnish game industry is booming; it’s the perfect place to catch the latest know-how of the field.

  • Turku Game Lab: International Summer School in Game Development
  • August 10-28, 2015 in Turku Finland

More information and how to apply
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