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Page updated 26.7.2021
New Materials and Processes

New Materials and Processes

The research group concentrates on the development of different biomaterials as well as on the production and stabilization of biologicals for diagnostics, therapy and vaccines.

Research Focus Areas

Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

3D structures out of biomolecules and / or controlled / tailored multiphase materials (inorganic, inorganic-organic hybrids; suspensions, gels, foamsetc.), combination of living cells and synthetic materials or processed / modified materials of natural origin

Interaction between Biomaterials and Living Organisms (in vitro & in vivo)

Tissue & cell response, functional effects of biomaterials, safety

Production of Biologicals for Diagnostics, Therapy and Vaccines

Development of upstream processing (including genetic engineering), bioreactions in bioreactors, downstream processing, and stabilization of produced biologicals (e.g., proteins, viral vectors, virus-like particles)

Food Texture Research

Tailoring of food textures ("materials stucture") and processing methods and their correlation to the sensory analysis to support product development

Future Research Perspectives

Biofabrication of new materials (natural macromolecules by bioprocesses and their processing to different 3D forms (films, 3D compacts, fibers etc.), Composites of biofabricated and modified recycled mater

Research group members

Mika Jokinen
Jani Pelkonen
Jarno Pusa
Petri Susi        
Raimo Pärssinen                     
Kari Haajanen
Ilari Suominen                        
Sari Loppela-Rauha