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New Ways of Promoting Performance

New Ways of Promoting Performance

The competence of the research group New Ways of Promoting Performance includes studying, evaluating and developing the human performance at different levels and areas of activity. The group includes experts in e.g. physio- and occupational therapy, well-being at work, psychology, biomedical laboratory science, medical imaging, dental technology and dental hygiene.

Focus areas

Promoting exercise and sports and the active way of life of children and are one of the core themes of the research group. In this, we utilize the competence in evaluating human movement and activity by e.g. studying the functioning of the heart and circulatory system, movement control or the production of muscular power. If necessary, we will deepen the examination all the way to the cell level. 

Another core theme is research on the changes in work and working life and well-being at work. We develop innovative solutions and modes of operation, which can promote the control of modern jobs, competence, leadership and well-being at work. The research group has studied mobile work, multi-locational work, virtual work and distributed work together with their impacts on well-being, leadership practices and spatial solutions.

In addition, the research group develops and studies the interaction between human activity and the environment from the perspectives of accessibility and usability, and creates innovative solutions to promote the equality and inclusion of people in everyday life.

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Most recent publications and products

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  • Haapakangas, A., Hallman, D., Mathiassen, S.E., & Jahncke, H. (2018). Self-rated productivity and employee well-being in activity-based offices – The role of environmental perceptions and workspace use. Building and Environment, 145, 115-124. Link 

National publications can be found on the Finnish website.