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Page updated 31.8.2022
New Ways of Promoting Performance

New Ways of Promoting Performance

New Ways of Promoting Performance research group focuses on developing and researching leadership and the new ways of working in perspective of well-being at work. 

The working life is constantly facing changes that bring up new forms of employment (New Wow). The job demands and recourses in these new forms of employment differentiate from the traditional ones.

We co-create new innovative solutions and operations to enhance the control, knowledge, skills and leadership in New WoW together with working life partners. We have a strong history in research in field of mobile and distributed work, virtual work and work environments. 

We develop, research, and seek answers to promote health, well-being at work and work ability. The fluent co-operation in all levels of organization and health enhancing working environment play important role in our RDI-work.

Our RDI-work serves the regional and national businesses in promoting well-being at work. We create together innovative solutions to increase employee’s health and well-being.