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Page updated 29.6.2020
5G Test Network Turku

5G Test Network Turku

The laboratory has co-operated with companies for over 30 years in radio engineering applications and equipment, RF electronics and measurement technology. RDI projects related to applied research have been carried out since 2005. The projects have mainly been Tekes / BusinessFinland funded. We are specialised in the development and implementation of laboratory and field tests, as well as measurements of disturbance situations and their simulations with real signals.

The staff of the laboratory has extensive experience in the technology, testing and measurement of wireless communication applications. A comprehensive range of radio and measuring equipment suitable for RF technical measurements is available, as well as a shielded and attenuated room for radio interface measurements.

The laboratory develops and operates a wireless communications test network built from commercial standard hardware and software, defined by the National Radio Administration for teaching, research, and testing use. The test network, which has its own operator ID and SIM cards, uses 4G, 5G and LoRa technologies, whose indoor and outdoor base stations and network elements can be flexibly configured according to testing and research needs.

From the elements of the test network, a 4G / 5G private network (Rapidly Deployable Network) can be quickly built, which can be taken to the customer's test area and environment. Such a network is built, for instance, to the Port of Turku for research and development use.


  • Comprehensive measurements and tests for the following telecommunication systems: 4G LTE, 5G NSA, 5G SA, LoRa
  • Measurements of radio equipment in a shielded and attenuated room
  • RF measurements, RF field strength and interference measurements and RF shielding measurements
  • Exposure measurements of electric and magnetic fields

Equipment and facilities

  • In the test network, components of the mobile network (4G / 5G) such as base stations, core network, sim cards and receivers.
  • Base stations and receivers for LoRa technology.
  • Calibrated measuring devices from well-known measuring device manufacturers such as Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Agilent are used for measurements.