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Page updated 2.6.2015

Continuous Education for Dental Hygienists

Expertise in Dental Hygiene and Oral Health Promotion

Expertise in Oral Health Care includes:

  • development and renewal of the professional activities based on evidence-based research knowledge
  • project learning and entrepreneurship in open learning environments
  • cultural expertise and an ability to participate the future development

Oral health care expertise and the professional knowledge basis of a Dental Hygienist are multidisciplinary, dynamic and subject to continuous development.

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers a comprehensive dental hygienist training. Our multidisciplinary, experienced specialists ensure that learning is up to date, efficient and innovative.

The purpose of the continuing education...

...is to maintain, develop and deepen the dental hygienist’s professional skills and knowledge, as well as support for coping with work stress. The good management of the therapeutic methods requires continuous learning, independent acquisition of information and self-development.

Training modules

A training structure that meets the customer organization’s needs may include, for example, the following modules:

I Introduction (duration ½ day)

  • The role of the dental hygienist in Finland as multi-professional expert and as a member of dental health care team
  • Introductions of the training structure and practicalities  
  • Welcome Dinner

II Ergonomics in dental hygienist’s work

  • The importance of ergonomics
  • The work environment and its impact on the ergonomics (work stations, furniture, equipment)
  • Patient ergonomics
  • Hand instrument ergonomics and the use of instruments (will be organized in cooperation with LM-Instruments) 
  •  At-work exercises to ease the symptoms of the physical workload

III Preventive oral health care and oral health promotion - dental hygienist as a health promoter ( children & working age people)

  • Self-care guidance and oral health promotion (patient cases in TUAS dental clinic)
  • The importance of nutrition and eating habits – nutritional guidance
  • Saliva tests


The price of the services varies according to customer and is based on the training implementation method, contents and scope as well as the number of participants. For example, for a 3-5 days training the price is starting from 200€/person/day (min 10 participants).