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Page updated 23.9.2020
Cyber Test Lab

Cyber Test Lab

IoT (Internet of Things), enables digitalisation in many areas of business, but at the same time, cyber threats related to digital services and systems are constantly increasing. Well-built and managed cybersecurity protects the business and is crucial part of companies' risk management.

The Cyber ​​Test Lab on the Salo IoT Campus focuses specifically on ensuring the cyber security of IoT equipment and services. In verifying the level of cyber security, we utilize automated testing tools as well as manual customized testing performed by experts. Testing is performed using the device's user interface, network connection, communication interfaces and wireless data transmission. 

The laboratory has two tamper-proof rooms where wireless testing can be done safely. Testing is performed in accordance with open standards, guidelines and processes such as IEC, ETSI, NIST and OWASP.

In addition to testing, the Wireless Communications and Cybersecurity research group  aims to be an active expert and partner in enabling cyber-secure IoT products and solutions. The themes of the research and development projects are e.g.

  • Cyber ​​security of autonomous systems
  • Digital identities of devices
  • Utilization of immersive technologies in the control of cyber threats
  • Solutions that respect data privacy

We also provide training services for companies, such as cyber security specialization training.


  • Cyber security trainings for companies
  • Cybersecurity testing and assessment
  • Information security management for the life-cycle of IoT products
  • Research, development and Innovation projects


  • Nutanix hyperconvergent infrastructure
  • Two RF shielded rooms for wireless testing
  • Control center for real-time threat intelligence
  • Wide variety of testing tools