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Page updated 9.9.2014
Develop Expertise in Maternity Care

Develop Expertise in Maternity Care

The Finnish inclusive maternity and child health care system reaches almost all families.

Would you like to develop your practices and reach the same level of expertise we have in Finland? At Turku University of Applied Sciences, we are pleased to share our experience in the field of maternity care – for the good of families and health care professionals.

By development activities based on the Finnish maternity care system, you can:

  • increase client satisfaction and improve the quality of care;
  • empower childbearing families and support in growth to parenthood;
  • support breastfeeding;
  • increase fathers’ involvement in baby care and family life;
  • deepen professional competence in your organization; and
  • develop continuity of care in the maternity and child health care.

For further information, please explore the publication Sexual and reproductive health in Finland. A Finnish Success Story. National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland & the Family Federation of Finland, 2012. http://www.thl.fi/en

Continuing Education Modules

Turku University of Applied Sciences provides targeted education for
improving health care professionals’ competence in maternity care:

Family-orientated antenatal care based on Finnish guidelines

  • patient safety, screening of high-risk pregnancies
  • the Early Interaction method, the Womb Baby method
  • Bring it up – Tools for early detection of problems
  • maternity care implemented in a multi-professional way
  • mapping of the psycho-social situation of families by utilising validated tools/scales (e.g. EPDS)
  • fathers in maternity care
  • the extended health check-ups of child-expecting families
  • home visits as a method of supporting the whole family’s well-being

Family Training
The key idea of the model is to strengthen parenting by utilizing peer support and multi-professional teamwork methods.

  • organizing and implementing Family Training
  • tools for Family Training (e.g. role maps, peer support, group work)
  • ready for parenthood – becoming a family
  • ready for the baby – preparing for the delivery and post-partum period

Breastfeeding counselling based on the BFHI programme of WHO/Unicef

  • the benefits of breastfeeding
  • supporting breastfeeding right after delivery (e.g. skin-to-skin method)
  • supporting breastfeeding in neonatal care
  • counselling women and their spouses, support in problematic situations
  • benefit from the best practices of the Finnish health care


Each module consists of contact lessons (2 days) and a web-based lesson (including virtual lectures and group work on a web-based learning space). Optionally, all three modules can be carried out together during an intensive week based mainly on contact teaching (5 days).

The contents of the training may be modified based on the wishes and needs of the participants and the ordering organization.

Participants will receive a diploma issued by Turku University of Applied Science as a proof of completed education.