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Page updated 2.6.2015

Develop your Managerial Expertise

Best Practices into Good Use in Social and Health Care Leadership

Are you interested in developing yourself and leading others in a target-oriented and efficient, but also inspiring manner? Developing your managerial skills will allow you to support employees’ commitment to common targets and thus promote successful operations in the organization.

Turku University of Applied Sciences provides the managerial skills needed in practical leadership in the health care sector. The training prepares you for the development of social and health care operational processes on the basis of the latest information, different interaction situations and supporting personnel’s work motivation, resources and coping, for instance.

With the training you will

  • build upon your managerial skills and thinking
  • understand the meaning of managerial responsibility with regard to your own organization and targets, operational quality, personnel development and the creation of prerequisites for high-quality work
  • master the skills required of managers and subordinates and be able to step in if problems arise between members of the work community

Training modules

The training may include all modules, or the customer can customise the training according to his/her needs. 

I My role as a manager and human resources management

  • Meaning of values, visions and strategy in one’s own organisation
  • Learning more about one’s own leadership style
  • Recruitment, induction and occupational guidance
  • Enhancing commitment (targets, performance and rewarding) 
  • Organisation of work                       

II Methods for managerial communications and people and work community leadership

  • Managerial communications
  • Development discussion as a leadership tool
  • Identification of skills gaps and leadership of skills
  • Supporting on-the-job learning
  • Well-being at work and occupational health and safety in one’s own organisation
  • Quality work and service processes and their control
  • Project expertise  

III Social and health care leadership

  • Leadership of expertise that is based on researched social and health care information
  • Development as a social and health care specialist and decision-maker
  • Patient safety leadership
  • Making use of health care technology in leadership

Each module consists of contact lessons (2 days) and a web-based lesson (including virtual lectures and group work on a web-based learning space). The contents of the training may be modified based on the wishes and needs of the participants and the ordering organization.