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Page updated 6.5.2015

Study visit: Holistic Health and Well-Being Trend

The aging population, growth of lifestyle related diseases and increase in knowledge of preventive healthcare among public have increased the demand of holistic work related to leisure time health and well-being services. There are more customers seeking for these services also while travelling. 

Turku University of Applied Sciences has the pleasure to offer study visits & advanced training courses concerning health and well-being trend in work and leisure context.

The focus of the site visits:

  • Health and well-being services aiming to promote holistic wellness to the working population
  • Companies offering traditional medicine as well as complementary and alternative medicine services

The proposed programme:

  • combines site visits and specialist key notes
  • illustrates regional collaboration of the different public and private stakeholders


Day 1/ morning

  • Introductory key notes on health and well-being: trend, terms and business opportunities

Day 1/ afternoon

  • Site visits (e.g. Ruissalo Spa and Paavo Nurmi –Center (physical condition/fitness, scientific research as a basis of health and well-being, health communication)

Day 2/ morning

  • Introduction to health and well-being at Finnish work places
  • Roles of the public and private service providers and their collaboration

Day 2/ afternoon

  • Site visits (e.g. Rehabilitation center Petrea and Mehiläinen, a private clinic offering a wide range of health and well-being services)

Day 3 / morning

  • Key notes on the provision of customer oriented health and well-being tourism and leisure services

Day 3/ afternoon

  • Visits to Town of Naantali, Kultaranta Resort and Naantali Spa
  • Conclusions


The price of the services varies according to customer and is based on the training implementation method, contents and scope as well as the number of participants. For example, for a 3-5 days training the price is starting from 200€/person/day (min 10 participants).