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Page updated 15.4.2024
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

If you enjoy solving technological problems and want to create sustainable solutions for people and the needs of the future, this might be the programme for you. A mechanical engineer in Sustainable Design Engineering knows how to find the real needs of people and organizations, designs products, machines and services in creative cooperation, and respects the natural world and future well-being by making sure that the designs have a sustainable basis.

Sustainable Design Engineering may be the most important study field today, since it combines the three areas that together can make huge positive impacts towards a better world and future for people and the planet:

  1. Mechanical Engineering: Technologies form the basis of the modern world, and it is at the core of mechanical engineering to make things work as effectively as possible from the viewpoints of functionality to material usage and energy consumption. In the studies, it includes engineering mathematics, materials and production and structural mechanics, just to mention a few.
  2. Sustainable Development: Sustainability forms the background for everything – whatever we do, it must fit the sustainability frame, so that life can foster in this planet now and in the future. And believe it or not, it is not just recycling, but also understanding circular economics, material and product life-cycle analysis, social and cultural elements etc.
  3. Design Thinking: While engineering and technologies are the ways, i.e. HOW to make things work as well as possible, a design approach gives the purpose, the meaning, WHY we do things – what are the real needs and the most crucial problems to be solved from the perspectives of LIFE and in both, the big picture, and the human-size living. It means learning e.g., human-centered methods, creative ideation, and visualization, prototyping and concept design.

In Turku UAS you study in modern learning environments with cutting-edge laboratories and workshops, and versatile spaces for independent and group working. Between and after lessons and lab work you can have good time at the campus with your study buddies by, for example, playing pool or table tennis.

Structure of the studies

In the English-language education in mechanical engineering you can direct your studies by specializing in Sustainable Design Engineering. The extent of the degree is 240 ECTS credits, and it consists of:

  • Engineering core studies 90 ECTS
  • Sustainability and Design core studies 30 ECTS
  • Professional studies in Sustainable Design Engineering 45 ECTS
  • Elective studies 30 ECTS
  • Practical training 30 ECTS
  • Thesis 15 ECTS

Career opportunities

Mechanical engineering engineers are highly sought after on the job market and the Finnish technology industry has good prospects. Also, there is a growing need for engineers who also understand the human-centred design and sustainability perspectives. Typical tasks can be found in engineering and design offices, industrial companies, public organizations, and technical trade tasks. With experience, the career opportunities diversify into demanding expert positions as well as supervisor and management positions. Mechanical engineers specialized in Sustainable Design Engineering can navigate in the fuzzy front-end of the design process by finding the real needs of the e.g., factory workers, and by understanding the circular economy requirements and possibilities. They can design creative technological solutions to fulfil those needs and requirements, e.g., everyday products, industrial machines, public services, and systems that combine these elements in human-centred and sustainable ways.

Apply in Joint Application

Joint application means that you can apply to up to six study programmes with one application form. These six options may include degree programmes from one or several different higher education institutions in Finland. The next joint application period for this degree programme is

  • joint application in spring 3–17 January 2024 at 15.00 (studies start in autumn 2024)

Applications are submitted through the national online application portal studyinfo.fi (in Finnish Opintopolku). 

Selection methods:

  • SAT test - 50% of the study places
  • Certificate-based selection (Finnish Matriculation Examination, International Baccalaureate (IB) degree, European Baccalaureate (EB) Diploma, Reifeprüfung (RP) or Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA) degree) - 50% of the study places