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Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online

Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online

Would you like to be a marketing manager of a fast growing IT company in Finland, a business strategy consultant in EU, an international sales manager in Singapore or start up your own business? These are examples of some of the positions our International Business Online programme may open for you.

The International Business Online (IB Online) programme provides a new and interactive way of acquiring a BBA degree online. Together we develop knowledge and skills through weekly interactive online sessions, working in study teams with authentic projects and work-life oriented methods, guided by experienced online teaching staff.

Our online programme provides you with the knowledge and competences required to undertake responsibilities in an international business environment. You will also gain digital work competencies by studying online. With the help of our international teaching staff and their expertise from various different industries and business areas, you will have the possibility to deepen your knowledge in several areas of international digital business, such as management, marketing, logistics and others based on your own interests.

Study contents

Our curriculum consists of the following components: basic and professional studies, practical training, optional studies and bachelor’s thesis.

Basic studies will develop your understanding of the key business functions and the dynamics of markets and organizations. Professional studies are structured in a way that they provide both a general education in international business and also a practical hands-on training in projects. Optional studies provide you with additional possibilities to customize your studies.

Practical training provides you with work experience in an industry and within an area of your interest. It will also develop your professional networks and help you to identify your career path.

Bachelor’s thesis is the final step where you will deepen your knowledge within an industry of your interest. You will undertake an extensive research to i.e. to solve real business problems or to develop an internationalization plan for a company.

How will you study online?

The pedagogical framework of the International Business Online programme is based on a framework which creates a balanced implementation of pedagogy, technology and content. All teachers in the programme are trained in online pedagogy, thus providing best possible guidance for collaborative and independent study in a fully online environment. The International Business Online programme utilizes technical tools provided and supported by the university.

  • Studies create a balance between independent and collaborative study
  • Collaborative study enables you to learn, discuss and create together with a small study team
  • Independent courses offer a chance to focus on studies of your at your own time and pace
  • Regular online meetings ensure you receive feedback and guidance from lecturer 
  • A weekly one-hour online meeting reinforces learning objectives, enhances motivation and progress in your studies
  • All online meetings scheduled after 3pm (Finnish time) to facilitate combining work and studies
  • Interesting up-to-date online materials to gain knowledge on our online learning platform
  • Teachers trained in online pedagogy to provide full support throughout your studies
  • Full access to all technical tools, and online study resources provided and supported by Turku Uuniversity of Applied Sciences (TUAS) and IB Online.

For more peer support and additional information, check out our International Business Online Facebook page  and YouTube channel.  See also our BBA online blog for inspiring student stories!